Skipping the Favourites

booklapSkipping the Favourites this week because it was not my favourite week. Storms, shoveling, power outages, more shoveling – it was all I could do just to keep warm. Hot chocolate, warm blankets, and good books are great for just that, so it wasn’t such a hardship.

During the week I mostly re-read some old favourites, most recently Come Thou Tortoise by Jessica Grant. Such a fantastic book. Its wordplay and fun yet moving story have earned it a solid place on my list of best books ever. Audrey Flowers is as endearing a character as you will ever have the pleasure to meet.  The story is told through her eyes, as well as those of her tortoise, Winnifred. It is constantly surprising and charming, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Come forth, I say! There’s other business for thee.
Come, thou tortoise! When?
                                    – The Tempest, William Shakespeare

Today the sun is shining, so it’s a good day despite the subzero temperatures. I hope your weekend brings you many good things, comfort, peace with yourself, and books. Lots of them.



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