IMG_7715Let’s talk about art.onrocks2

I am not an artist, in the strictest sense of the word. I write some, dabble with mixed media journaling, and play a mean kazoo. In the big wide world my efforts are modest at best, but they satisfy a basic need – the need to express oneself creatively.

Having a creative outlet is not only healthy, but necessary. In our deepest parts we have things that are crying out to be seen and heard. Laying yourself bare in a poem or painting is cathartic. It’s a beautiful way of sharing an intimate part of yourself with the world.

Our bodies are art. Every line, angle, wrinkle, fold, freckle and scar tells a story. It is our geography and our history. We are, each of us, exactly the way we are supposed to be. And we are exquisite.

Tell me about your creative outlet. Is it music, sculpture, photography? I would love to hear about it, or see it. Please share.