Friday Favourites (belated)

bookbutt A tad late with the Friday Favourites. Let’s just pretend it’s still Friday, ok?

My favourite book this week was Swimming at Night by Lucy Clarke. I read most of it in one sitting. It was intriguing, full of heart, and hope, and hurt. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the travel, and the concept of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to find answers.

Favourite reading spot? Curled up at the end of my couch, soft lights, good book, and a glass of red wine. Bliss. Cold winter days were are tolerable with this at the end.

My favourite song this week is Party Police by Toronto band Alvvays. They’ve become one of my favourite band to listen to in recent months. They’ve got a great gritty sound that I enjoy.

I also watched a pretty good movie this week. St. Vincent with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. Funny, and surprisingly heartwarming. Not usually the type of movie I would pick to watch, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Hope your Friday was amazing! Get out there and live your weekend. xo


Friday Favourites

lazydayreadingI thought that Friday could be the day I pass along my favourite books, quotes, music, or reading spots of the week. Just a little something fun to start the weekend.

My favourite book this week was Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. It was a lazy week, and the Odd series of books are my go-to lazy day reads. Odd is such a fascinating character, and the stories are quick and engaging. Just a fun book for a slow, rainy afternoon.

I recently got a new bed. It’s high, so I have to jump up onto it, and the mattress is so soft. It was easily my favourite reading place this week.

Ingrid Michaelson has been on repeat this week. I always listen to her when the weather starts to get colder and the afternoon shadows grow long. Keep Breathing is one of my favourites.

Enjoy your weekend. Spend it doing what you love. xo